Modern cuisine by Chef John Placko

Beet in textures with goat cheese mousse and hazelnut powder


Makes 10 portions.


Beet spheres.

130 gr   Beets - diced

200 gr.  Beet juice

2 gr.   Agar

Pinch  Salt


Place beet juice in a small pot. Sprinkle on the agar and heat the liquid on high heat. Stir with whisk until it comes to the boil. Simmer for 1 minute. Add the beet cubes and salt. Stir well and fill the sphere mould.  Allow to cool until it sets (10-15 minutes).

Makes 20 x 1 tbsp. size spheres.


Whipped goat cheese

250 gr.  Goat cheese

125 gr.  Plain yogurt

125 gr.  35% Cream

Pinch  Salt

Pinch  Black pepper, ground


Beet caviar

250 gr.  Beet juice

2.5 gr.   Sodium alginate

3.0 gr.   Calcium chloride

500 gr.  Water


Place beet juice into a blender. With the blades running slowly, sprinkle the sodium alginate into the liquid.

Strain the liquid and place into a squeeze bottle. Leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours to allow the aerated liquid to settle.

Dissolve the calcium chloride in water by mixing with a spoon.

Pour into a 1/2 lt measuring jug.

Using the beet filled squeeze bottle, drip the beet juice into the calcium chloride water bath and leave to set for 1 minute.

Carefully remove the caviar with a slotted spoon or small strainer and submerge in a bowl of cold water for a few seconds.

Remove caviar from water, straining off any excess water onto paper towel whilst still in the strainer.


Beet meringues

125 gr   Beet juice

4 gr.   Versawhip

2 g   Xanthan gum

35 gr.   Confectioners sugar

5 gr   Beet powder.


Mix together the 4 powders. Place juice into the bowl of an electric mixer with whisk attachment. Add the powder mix to the juice.

Mix slowly for 1 minute to combine and create a light foam.

Now place the mixer on high speed and whip for 5-6 minutes.

You can place the meringue into a piping bag and pipe our small coins of beet meringue onto a dehydrating mat and dehydrate at 55 degrees C. for 6-8 hours.


Hazelnut powder

30 gr.   Hazelnut oil

30 gr.   Maltodextrin

Place maltodextrin powder into a kitchen processor. With the blades running, slowly drizzle in the oil. Remove from the machine and work between your fingers to create a uniform powder.


To assemble the plate.

Place one beet sphere on the plate and the other cut in half with a sharp knife.

Place hazelnut powder towards the rim of the plate.

Dispense whipped goat cheese into a bowl and using a small ice cream scoop, place it between the beet spheres.

Garnish the dish with 2 beet meringues.

Drop some beet caviar onto the goat cheese and dust part of the plate with beet powder.



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All measurements are in grams to make it easier to measure and more accurate.

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